Executive Lounge, Munich

Executive Lounge Munich

In 2006 it was our honor to contribute to the redesign of the corporate headquarter of a large and famous multinational company with more than 15 million registered customers.

Although a part of this development, the exclusive lounge for the board members, has been one of the smallest facets of the scheme and one of our minor projects – at least in terms of volume – the design and execution was so ambitious that we considered presenting it in our potfolio.

The board members now have a venue perfectly suitable to conduct discrete conversations and to retreat with special guests, a setting similar to the „cigar lounges“ with their aura of masculinity found in English gentlemen’s clubs.

The formal arrangement of the lounge is based on a structure we abstracted from the existing building. We varied this basic grid with multifarious scales and in sophisticated correlations. Furthermore subtle illuminated lines make this arrangement readable in its three-dimensional space. Just as the repeatedly modulated leitmotif in classical music composition, this architectonic layout generates a definite harmonic continuum, embracing the multiplicity of surfaces and materials.

We implemented top-quality materials using both traditional and contemporary methods. Our discretion requires not to disclose all the exceedingly precious materials we have used, but here are a few designations of the very special choices we made. For example we used dark-patina bronze for all metal surfaces and the ceiling, black Portaro marble with golden veins on the upper wall panels, mother-of-pearl from Indonesian freshwater mussels for the side tables and American rayfish leather for the club-chairs.

All materials and their treatments serve to make visitors think they are almost entering a precious „treasure casket“, a sight emphasized by the brilliant black glass wall-covering, giving to those, who activate the concealed electrically powered openings to the inside dull-gold cabinets, the feeling of gazing at a glittering concert grand piano.

Beyond the provided top-of-the-range building and media technology, there is a large variety of further exciting functions hidden to view. Confidentiality towards our client interdicts to go into details. We only intimate that the integrated spectacular features and amazing pop-up technology may well remind to exciting Hollywood films.

Even as for other projects, we researched and incorporated art into the ambience in the form of two silver bronze sculptures, depicting smoothly-flowing calligraphies of the Chinese characters „wei“, meaning growth, and „you“ meaning possession.

As a matter of course we effectively completed the new executive lounge right on budget as well as precisely within the construction time allocated to us.

The making of this project has been a labor of affinity for our design studio and everyone that has worked on it. This success was only possib le with our approved team of highly-experienced craftsmen , excellent artisans and reliable suppliers.

We are deeply grateful for their contribution. Our thanks go in particular though to our clients who entrusted us with this project and who themselves gave so much valued input.

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