Albert Speer + Partner, Architects / Consulting, Frankfurt / Shanghai

„I am well acquainted with Georg-Maria Hagemeyer since our joint project „Anting New Town“ in Shanghai. I came to value him very much as a versatile interested, very committed, and in the dialogue beyond professional boundaries competent and sympathetic colleague.

Mr. Hagemeyer achieves remarkably high-quality solutions for private, commercial and public clients in a wide variety of architectural fields from large-scale planning to furniture design. In all his projects, the sophisticated inclusion of unprecedented new designs into an existing building or urban setting is obviously essential to him. Results in the wide variety of his tasks show that he constantly reacts with scrutinizing sensitivity to the found situation, and in doing so, he develops completely standalone designs.

Therefore, I highly recommend working with Mr. Hagemeyer. I am convinced that with his high professionalism and wide-ranging expertise as an architect and interior designer, his international experience and multilingualism as well as his art-historical competence and scenographic talent, he will continue to create outstanding design solutions and most appreciable successful results.“

Prof. Albert Speer jr.

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