Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

„With his architectural designs, Georg-Maria Hagemeyer achieves high artistic quality. His broad range of historic-, present-, and future-oriented projects is a sign of open-minded, sensitive and competent handling of existing architecture. Based on the present conditions, he creates in an outstanding way a new and unique world.

With regard to his designs, it is important for him not only to follow a current mainstream, but also to compile solutions that are consciously anchored in the present and remain valid for the future.

Artistic enthusiasm is reflected in Hagemeyer’s style of working, which embodies his passion for the harmonious overall appearance that merges with the concise detail. An attitude that aims for a precious and unique appeal with building qualities, valuable materials, form and color, taking a decisive role in the final overall impression.

His unique artistic expressivity is also proved by the range of his most qualitative depictions, from freehand sketches or ink drawings of the old school to the creative use of computer visualizations.

Georg-Maria Hagemeyer has a great aptitude for architectural staging and creating atmospherically dense settings. He exhibits this talent also with temporary installations and themed events and succeeds ingeniously to achieve surprisingly magnificent effects with simple means and resources.“

Prof. Fridhelm Klein

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