„James Bond Residences“, Beijing (China)

A Munich architect amongst Beijing’s giant towers experiencing a new architectural feeling

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

(…) Recently Georg Hagemeyer won a competition that would arouse attention here, but in China the achievement is superseded by entire cities generated on the drawing board. (…)

This is all about a type of Rockefeller Center in the middle of Beijing not far from the Square of Heavenly Peace: five towers, the highest 142 Meters, China’s first Seven-Star-Hotel with 540 Suites. (…)

Hagemeyer prevailed with his design concept „Diamonds are forever“ for the two 100 Meter high apartment towers and is now able to create 450 Luxury apartments.

(…) Hagemeyer came up with an idea and hit the nail on the head. As a theme for the design of the luxury apartments he implemented the James Bond classic „Diamonds are forever“. (…) The architect is designing a total of five types of luxury residences each one corresponding to a precious gem. The interior is designed to fit a ruby or a topaz. (…) The suites are between 180 und 1800 square meters, partly extending over two floors, some have an indoor-pool. (…)

What can we learn from the Chinese? Hagemeyer has a likeness on hand to explain. „If I want to take off with a plane, it’s not enough to accelerate only half or three quarters of the way.“ The Chinese give full throttle and also have the courage to make unusual decisions.

Author: Michael Ruland