Retrieval Giambologna Crucifix, St Michael Church (Munich)

Giambologna Crucifix (1594)
Retrieval in the middle of St. Michael church, Munich

Giambologna (1529 –1608) is well known for a fine sense of action and three-dimensional movement

His Crucifix has the highest rank in art-history among the works of Michelangelo, Bernini etc. The Crucifix was a gift from Francesco de´ Medici to his relative, the Duke of Bavaria

A new bronze-steel construction retrieves the Giambologna Crucifix and Maria-Magdalena to the middle of St. Michael church

After 200 years, the sculpture can now be worshiped again from every angle.

Historisch bedeutsames Kruzifix kehrt nach St. Michael zurück :