Facharztzentrum, Göttingen

„Hagemeyer and his employees were responsible for planning the complete design of our medical center.

He was able to create generous-sized rooms which inspire confidence and soothe nervous patients whilst promoting a working atmosphere of peacefulness and concentration.

Hagemeyer & Partner were also responsible, down to the last stick of furniture, for the interior design and furnishings. These they planned and coordinated very professionally in both the medicinal and administrative areas. Now that the work is complete we have come to the conclusion that the design is outstandingly suited to all our purposes. The end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also eminently functional and well thought-out.

Patients of every age group have reacted positively. For us, the harmonious design of the medical center is also an expression of our lifestyle.“

Dr. Trautmann MD, Dr. Loefke MD